02 November, 2013


2013-10-13 01.34.55

I happened upon these pictures in my Flickr photostream and realized I never shared them because my hard drive crashed (twice!) since they were taken. Better late than never, I suppose. There is no way I would miss a chance to share pictures in which Finn and I are actually featured together !!!! as well as the beautiful shining faces of JN+CN. We had a great day at the pumpkin patch a few weeks back with only a little bit of sprinkling and a lot of smelly goats. There is something extra special about experiencing the month of October in a place that actually experiences a shift in seasons! (San Diego still holds my heart though.)

2013-10-13 01.42.32-1

2013-10-13 01.54.55

2013-10-13 02.09.31

2013-10-13 01.43.09

2013-10-13 01.07.01

2013-10-13 01.41.41-2

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