02 November, 2013


2013-10-31 02.39.20-2

Happy Halloween, happy All Saints Day, happy November (my favorite month, tied with February). We had a great couple of days, partying with other babies at my work's little party and later welcoming my in-laws to town with arms wide open. It is so great to have them around:  and for an entire week! This year, Finnegan was Paul Bunyan, complete with his sidekick Babe the Blue Ox, although he couldn't be bothered to even hold the cute little plushie I made him. (And without his props he kind of looked like a skinhead. Oops.) I keep piling all of these little things I make for him in his bed, hoping that some day he will show interest in them. Only time will tell. But that is beside the point... he looked pretty handsome if you ask me.

2013-10-31 02.39.49

Woah, Finnegan has grown a whole lot since last Halloween.

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