20 November, 2013


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And thus ends our glorious stream of Californian visitors. It's a good thing that we're headed that way in just over a month because otherwise I don't think I could stand it. You know how when people visit, it works against you and makes you miss them more? It is absolutely terrible. I'll quickly tell anyone that I got extraordinarily lucky about the family that I married into. There is something about these people that inspires me to do all the things that I'm ordinarily just too tired to do:  stay up late talking, go see Justin Timberlake, taking Finnegan out all day long without worrying about throwing off naps (typing that out solidified for me how pathetic I am). . . I am also apparently way too busy to pull out my camera and take pictures of all the incredible things together which I actually don't hate. Anyway, these people are so supportive and wonderful. I love my family.

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